T19 Fiesta!
Monday, January 31, 2005
Alicia :) dancing away at 10:31 PM

HiZ pple.. finally the CAs are all gone with the wind.. phew! time to regain lost brain cells by coming online every single day
hahaZ opps.. can't believe the Os results are coming back.. all of you t19 darlings please say u'll stay!! hahahaha

Upcoming Whatsoever that We're involved IN:

Submission of Passport Sized photographs
Submission of Econs PW (Urgh)
Chinese New Year - Potluck
Chinese New Year - Visiting my (Ronald's) house
Return of O level Results (Shudders)

That's about all for now. Will update more when I get more info or when more things are planned. For now, to all competitive X-country runners, please get enough sleep to prepare yourselves for X-country. God Bless.

BOO YOU!!!!!!
ok actually we finished our first draft!!!!
me, janjan, wayne and nigel!!!!! yay!!!!!!!
nigel says 'boo you!!!'
wayne says "BUYAKA!"
janjan says "uhurhurhur 8D"

Sunday, January 30, 2005
Wayne dancing away at 1:59 AM

Alright, Friday's training wasn't so bad after all... see? told u alicia! Aching all over now from all the workouts so far..

today: bowling!! so happy that i bowled 128 on the last game! hahah..

Wednesday: Our class shall win some medals from the cross country!!! do your best T19!!

oh btw, my blog address is wuyuan.blogspot.com, ronald care to add me under members of T19? heh.. thx

Saturday, January 29, 2005
CS dancing away at 10:46 PM

I agree with what Ronald said. Seems like everyone's getting sick. Careful not to eat too much chicken. H5N1 virus is coming back , bwahahahaha! *Quickly touches wood*

Anyway, yup, H2O is the way to go, and get enough rest.
(Curse those topical tests we have, I need a life-up soon)

News update.

Well ladies and germs (pun intended), there's a flu bug going around. No I haven't caught it yet but just a reminder to remember to take care of yourselves. Exercise helps build up body resistance and drink lots of fluids. I think water's the only effective one but heck anyway. =P So take care all and see you all on Monday.

Friday, January 28, 2005
Ron van Loh dancing away at 11:53 PM

11am on Sat (29/1) at Yishun MRT for lunch and bowling. Those interested do go.

That's about all. What a slack day.

Some stuff to remember:
Econs Test on Mon (31/1)
Hand up Passport Sized Photo on Mon (31/1)
Please post =P

God Bless.

have a great weekend people..
for those who are down..
let God pick you up..
and the rest who are on the flip side..
don t let the world drag you down for anything..

1, 2, 3, Jesus loves me..
1, 2, Jesus loves you..
God loves u all..

mmm... haven said my thanks to u guys yet (reminded by Eugenez msg)... so Thanks kk? =). Frankly.. u all are the first class to celebrate my birthday for me... ya... really... Thanks for the chocolate + m&m cake... =). And thanks for the card too.... heeZ! Love u gals and guys man... *hUgZ*

Thursday, January 27, 2005
Wayne dancing away at 8:59 PM

argh eugene!! later i sick i blame you ah!! whole day next to you sia.. haha.. k nvm. canoeing training's up tomorrow... think im gonna explode during the course of it or something... but I SHALL BE STRONG!! I WILL ENDURE!!! "only those people mind weak will give up and leave." so... i will survive! bwahaha. x-country+physical training=muscles explode.

anyway, after training i think i'll be heading down to SJI for the sec1's orientation campfire. anyone keen on going? its at 7pm.. tell me lah...

hey all thanks for the cake. and for shaking my hand and all even though i was like some kinda plague. hahahaha. thanks much.

Fianlly more and more of the damn tests are over.

Class Stand. Thank you class. =P

X-Country's next week, let's do this together and win! Friday's (tomorrow) a slack day, who's up for changing uniforms? Hahahaha....

Well just darn bored and looking for something to do. But don't think Econs is top of my list. God Bless peeps.

P.S - Couple.


haha let me be the first on the net to post this. : ) may you stay happy and best of luck in everything! : )

Tuesday, January 25, 2005
yimin dancing away at 9:30 PM

hello!!! i'm here to blog!!! haha our class rocks mans... i think we can't go to east coast on 19 feb... ill discuss with the class tomolo lars. oh mans my thumb hurts... somemore have to prac piano. dunno how to canoe tomolo. i never get into bowling... :(

anyways link me ppl!!! my blog is http://unemotional.pitas.com yeaps... check it out kae guys? :)

keep up for x-country!!!

Monday, January 24, 2005
CS dancing away at 10:42 PM

Hello there. Testing 1,2,3.
Is this working properly?

(I sound so sua ku)

Keep up the spirit guys and girls for the X-country.

WE can win one lorr. Just see whether we wanna do it or not. I know everyone's sore and all, but let's push and strive for the best! WE rock. Another thing is pls sleep early and drink lots of fluid. Alright I mean plain water. =P

Btw, it's Eug's birthday 3 days from now on the 27th Jan. Pls be reminded.

Thank you and God Bless all. :)

hello! =) just popping by to say.. you guys rock! haha t19 spirit has touched me once again. all the best for the morning runs and..long days in school. haha hope you guys are enjoying yourself anyway. keep the spirit soaring!!

ever so proud of you all, thengs

Sunday, January 23, 2005
Ron van Loh dancing away at 7:20 PM

To all runners and anyone who wishes to participate in tmr's morning run :

I'll kindly wake up earlier tomorrow and open the classroom for you guys at, say, about 6.30am. So those of ya who want to place your barang-barangs in the class, you know where you can be at 6.30am. =) God Bless.

mmm... ppl who are running in the competitive category... pls be reminded to be in sch at 6.45a.m for a 6 rounds in 9 min for girls... and 9 rounds in 12 mind for guys.. haha... i dunno wad to put le...

everyone try to post pls. and check out the links. seems that we might be having a SCANDAL eh? hahaha i shan't say more.

Alright I shall post again.

Update on current situation :
Well I changed the template. Reason being the other one was super hard to use. And if you notice, the tagboard's been torn down - as it keeps displaying some error message and sometimes freezes the browsers, or so I heard.

Anyway, keep the T19 spirit up high and let's blog to our heart content. Life's good! =)

ooh.. now i know how im gonna post. lOl.
-your beloved dc bwahaha.

More or less, I declare this blog OPEN!! Well start using it!


Saturday, January 22, 2005
Ron van Loh dancing away at 10:42 PM

Greetings all,

This is HTC Ronald posting here. Not to mention the entrepreneur of this blog. Woot. Anyway, it's still currently under construction. Will get it up and ready for running by the end of Jan. Thank you for all your undying support.

P.S - 1T19, pls do stay in CJ as it's really a great place.

God Bless.

Someone tell me what we do here.

WAH 1T19 has a blog