T19 Fiesta!
Thursday, June 29, 2006
tentoumushi dancing away at 11:18 PM

Dear 2T19,
I would like to invite u all to my house on monday 3rd July, because it's youth day holiday and i got nothing better to do. around afternoon till after dinner. im still deciding, so if you are free/interested, please tell me!!! thank you.
fat lot of love,
p.s. we could do the following things:
fly kite
swim ( i noe u shyshy la...)
play xbox
cards not provided.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006
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For those mugger really hard, must also relax ya?
here's sth for yer..
A psychiatrist watched a disturbed boy messing around with a worm.
He saw a blade in the kid's hand
And the poor little thing squirm.
'Ah, a manic-destructive!' he said, as he saw the worm cut into two.
Just then the boy said,
'Dear buddy,Here's a companion for you!'
haha. do take time off your work.. dont become the boy, though he makes some sense..
There was a spinster who stated
'For marriage I'm surely not fated'
But on the very day,
She went for an X-ray
She gushed,
'I've been ultra-violated!'..

Thursday, June 08, 2006
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Wednesday, June 07, 2006
Ron van Loh dancing away at 9:38 PM

ok this is about how to go to Cheshire Home.

Now there's an alternative way which Ervin has suggested and we only need to take one bus. So we shall meet at Serangoon MRT at 9.20 am instead alrite?

oh and just wear home clothes:)

SIMONE LEE!!! DoN't u think of ponning ah!!! It's for your own good la.


This is a reminder for ppl who signed up for the CIP at Cheshire Home this fri (9th june) and next fri (16th june).

Location: The Singapore Cheshire Home
159 Serangoon Garden Way
Singapore 556056

Duration: 10am to 12pm (2 hours)

List of people who signed up:
-Dennis (on 16th only)

Basically it's home for the physically disabled (mainly old folks) and we'll just be going there to interact with the residents. I'm hoping that it'll be interesting...

We'll meet at Ang Mo Kio MRT station at 9.00am to take bus there, actually we have to take 2 buses to reach(the place is quite ulu i think) so anyone who knows an easier way to go there pls tell me....
And if you want to go there by yourself, pls inform me first. thank you.

Remember to turn up okay? Ms lim wants to know who went and who did not.

All others who want to come along can do so but tell me first ya.

oh and don't be late :)

Daner :))