T19 Fiesta!
Sunday, July 29, 2007
Ron van Loh dancing away at 4:21 PM

Alright basically a very noble attempt to revive this long-stale blog.

I guess from what everyone has heard/knows, Ms Lim (yes our former form tutor) will be leaving for Japan on the 5th of August 2007. She'll be gone (I'd reckon) a year or so. So those interested in sending her off on the above-mentioned date please do take note of the following details:

We'll be sending her off at Changi airport. We'll be meeting her and saying our goodbyes at 7am. The terminal is yet to be confirmed but it'll be for sure we'll be at Changi airport, so yeah just come down if you have the time.

It'll be nice to have a little mini-gathering and a nice goodbye to the teacher who slugged with us through our ardous JC life. So yeah, for those who are able to make it, try your bestest best to come down yea! :)

I've also heard from Simone that she and a few other girls (yes, girls) are going down to visit Ms Lim on Mon - Tues. So if you're also interested in going down, contact Simone.

Any other queries please contact either me (Ron), Simone or Eug. We hope to see you next Sun at 7 then!