T19 Fiesta!
Monday, March 28, 2005
missykeren dancing away at 6:46 PM

Hey T19,congrats that most of you got into 1T19 with Ms lim as our home tutor.3 cheers for you people.Hip Hip Hurray!
But 4 of them never got into the same class.Hope that your appealled to T19 is successful.hee.
After first 3 mths no more skipping lectures and playing a fool ler.haha.
Rememebr to make the new T19 people feel welcomed k.
Take care.Miss ya.Hope to see you all soon.

no matter what fate 1T19 will face on monday, i will always remember the class..
Remember the morning basketball games..
the breaktime volleyball games..
the after school bball again..(and more?!)
the endless class outings..
pool and pool and pool..
(time to try out the other budget-saving 'pool')..
Remember the laughters that we shared during lessons..
econs esp..
..dot dot..
Remember the endless break we had..
sneaking food here n there..
breaking rules..
ponning lessons..(certainly a thing to remember cos we cant do now)..
Most importantly,
Remember those who left..
those who made up 1T19..
who brought more than laughters to the class..

Thanx guys, you are the best..
Once again, 1T19 rox
[3 cheers for 19!!] hip-hip hurray...ahh!!!

Woke up early this morning, made my coffee like I always do.
Then it hit me from nowhere, everything I feel about me and you.
The way you kiss me crazy, baby you're so amazing.

Seven days and seven nights of thunder,
The waters rising and I'm slipping under.
I think I fell in love with the 8th world wonder.

I guess that I'm just falling deeper into something I've never known.
But the way that I'm feeling, makes me realize that it can't be wrong.
You're love's like a summer rain, washing my doubts away.

Seven days and seven nights of thunder,
The waters rising and I'm slipping under.
I think I fell in love with the 8th world wonder.

It's only been a week, but it's coming over me.
It's making me believe that you're the one for me.

Seven days and seven nights of thunder,
The waters rising and I'm slipping under.
I think I fell in love with the 8th world wonder.

I love the video my cousin made with this song... so nice... let's hope we get into the same class!!! :D

Saturday, March 26, 2005
Hamster dancing away at 5:57 PM

THanks for making my time at CJC so fun and memorable...keep me updated yah?

Friday, March 25, 2005
Ron van Loh dancing away at 2:35 PM

Whatever happens on Monday, we'll still be together.

Whatever comes our way, we'll still be friends.

Whatever predicament we find ourselves in, we'll get out of it.

Whatever our future leads us to, we'll forever we 1T19.

It's great to have you guys around. =)

Tuesday, March 22, 2005
=[eT]= dancing away at 6:46 PM

i'm so so so bored. so can i blog abt today?? haha.anyway. ya. erm. okay. first was lan for some ppl[first thing tt some did when we reached town(i tink)], and arcade for some ppl[ya. first thing that the other some did] cool man. then later. we (melissa, yimin, alicia, shuyan,shingyee, wayne and me) were walking back to cine to meet the rest (which were onli donny and leo). and we walked into this fashion (and wayne was the onli guy in the shop). ya. and we(girls) started talking bout something that was kinda embarrassing quite infront of wayne. hah.ya.then later we went to play pool [coz there was no movie with the correct time(if u get wad i mean)] =). 2 tables. then some ppl went home later. some ppl went for pastamania. and then later went to accompany jan buy something(which she didn't buy) and i went home. so. if u want to noe wadeva happened at lan and after i left, asked the rest.
p/s: crap.sorry if u tot it was wu liao. was just too bored. ya.

Sunday, March 20, 2005
Ron van Loh dancing away at 6:18 PM

Hey no fair. Missed the BBQ when everyone else was happily enjoying themselves and tucking in. Guess it's hard to control sleep huh? =P

Then, on the second day, so many people were going/gone home already when I came. So it was quite deserted then. =( But never mind, we are going to stay as a class and more outings will come our way right?


okk blogging abt chalet haha :p wonder how we managed to get a chalet cuz my friends were complaining all chalets were full!! lets see, first day we went there to have a bbq..wah brought a lot things so heavy!!! wah the bbq food was mm mm goood :P all thanks to the master chefs haha think dennis cooked a lot!! who else ah..clarence, ervin, alicia...sorry if i forgot u. they bbq the usual chicken wings and sausages and oops i gtg..will edit this later haha :p

Saturday, March 19, 2005
Alicia :) dancing away at 10:31 PM


I want to complain! Such a nice chalet and i can't stay overnight...gotta be whisked home by midnight!

I want to complain! Such a nice bbq, such a small stomach

I want to complain! So many fun pple are not present at the first day! (all t19 pple are fun :) )

I want to complain! How come there's only 24 hours a day? ( when 1t19 needs to many hours to get together, bond, and play?!)

I want to complain if we cannot stay together as a class :(

I want to complain! There are too many yandaos and shuai ges in the class (it's distracting!)

I want to complain! There are too many pretty gals and cute girls in the class (it's too competitive;))

I want to complain! why are there so many funny people in the class? like to make my laugh my head off... so gruesome

I want to complain! Holiday passes so quickly

I want to complain! IF there weren't anymore 1t19 chalets

I want to complain! Even there's little to complain about in 1t19 =)
God bless!

since wowy asked for some1 to blog abt e chalet, i shall. and i only have one word:


i can't believe i missed it damnit!! was reali sad tt i cldn't go.. sori everybody... i'm sure everyone had fun rite? haha. it's juz tt i've been reali busy wid some church ting so... yea. sux i noe. pray for me k? e ting's tonight n i reali hope our planning didn't screw up.

neway, 1T19 spirit's still flying high i hope. cyall when sch opens again. wonder when posting's coming out. kk, neway, everybody tc till then.


Tuesday, March 15, 2005
shing +++== + dancing away at 11:56 PM

oh no, am i the only one bringing majong?
Sorry guys, my dad doesnt allow me to bring his beloved majong set..
He said he is scared that we'll gamble and blah blah...
My dad is like that one. greatest apology.
oh just wondering if we r really playing Xbox games there? cos i only have PS games..
well see you guys there ya?!!

PS: Please bring along big water bottles tmr. Dont end up like me having to drink very hot water from one pathetic kettle shared among 30 ppl..n ended up melting e bottles to mini size when u tried to fill up one in desperation to boil more water.. =]

Monday, March 14, 2005
yimin dancing away at 11:17 PM

sorry. please wear orientation shirt on wed... thanks. and those who just came back from camps etc, please go home and change and bathe before coming. and dun wear the same shirts again!!!!!

Things to Bring:
-swim wear/ clothes to swim in
-volleyball (karen x/ donny)
-soccer ball (ronald)
-mahjong (shing)
-portable speakers (yimin)
-sleeping bag (op)
-discman and blar blar... (anyone who has one)
-poker cards (just bring if you have)
-towel/toiletries (don't need to bring shampoo/soap. we'll buy there to share)
-snacks (buy some)
-barbecue stuff (contact han xiang to check what u must bring, dun have his no ask me for it)
-xobx games (if u have)

-slipper/sandals (try not to wear shoes)
-socks (for bowling/rollarblading etc)
-girls: shirt/ halter/ racerback/ spags strap (just not to bare and try to wear shorts and not skirt)
-boys: dun wear long pants or jeans. if u dun want to wear shirt up to u. it's ur body to show off.

Please meet at Pasir Ris MRT ctrl station at 4 pm.
Leo, Ken, Donny and Karen Nai meet at 1.30 pm.

Barbecue will be held on WEDNESDAY

Friday, March 11, 2005
Ron van Loh dancing away at 8:12 PM

Well those going for Chalet, hope you guys have read what's was on the board today. So,

Meeting Place : Pasir Ris MRT Station
Time : Approx 4pm

Contact Yimin for further details. That's all. See ya all soon! =)

Wednesday, March 09, 2005
=[eT]= dancing away at 7:45 PM

ya. came here to add a few words. too bored. anyway. ya. as yimin saed. howl's really very handsome. so cool. so charming. so dumb too (abt the dyed ugly hair n became super depressed). so ppl who haven watched. yeSh! must watch arh!!!

Sunday, March 06, 2005
yimin dancing away at 9:22 PM

hey guys... bought a moniter liao, although it's second hand and not lcd screen. cost $75! haha anyways on to what i wanted to blog about. from the perspective of the ppl who woke up early to go school play bball then turned up half an hour late for sentosa. haha.

actually i was like late for bball... cuz the stupid bus just went pass me. had to wait very long. then reached there was like only eunice and benji. ben actually came down just to play bball! haha showa his enthusiasm in bball. then leo came and donny then we played. ken was like still sleeping away in his bed in the hostel. we managed to lose track of time, din realise karen xin came at 8, that we had to start preparing at 8. so by the time we stopped playing was like 8.40... haha. and ken slept till 8.45... we left cjc at like 9.05 then rushed to orchard and took train to harbour front. for those who heard leo say we took wrong direction, we did not. why would we? not all of us are scholars lars. we have singaporeans. and im not that blur, unlike eugene... haha.

then was like waiting for shing and in the end we boarded the bus first. yeah then we were off!!!!

was a bit confusing at first. cuz some people were like wanting to go the other side when we reached siloso beach liao. we gurls wanted to stay where we are. in the end we were like going back to our original place and started playing. i made a 1t19 in the sand. nigel made a face, dunno whose face though. i didn't see carefully.

was like sitting at the water edge with eunice then me karen 9 and eunice decided to go opposite to the island and climb those rocks. i was like climb up then climb all the way down. haha. then alicia was like swimming there and told me to get into the water. so i got in and realised my shirt was white. haha.think when i climbed out of the water later i cut my toe. got quite a few ppl cut themselves. oh ya me et and k9 saw a moniter lizard.

went back to our bags that side and was like jumping back into the water. haha. then we pulled k9 leo donny kah ken and kx in... and more ppl i think. haha. ken was like screaming like mad... played bear and hunter and electric something... quite fun. oh did i say i was the first to be killed in the murderer game? :P

played volleyball after that and some ppl left or went to bathe. dennis and ervin were like damn good and i seriously sucked at that game haha.only know how to spike. leo was like pulling his shorts up super high. after that we went to bathe. took a long time cuz i sorta washed my cj shirt. wanted to take the bus to 7-11 then missed the stop and ended up going all the way out. well then we ate like at different places. me and k9 ate at sakae, the rest yoshi and subway etc.why we got split up? i won't touch that topic. im still not happy. went to get a shirt and shoebag then played pool. only played with k9 donny and shing though haha. saw my x-classmare there.

from there k9 ron and i rushed to safra mt faber to bowl. eugene was there. learnt the power swing and i longkang like siao... haha. but managed to tyco strike a few times.

went home after that and slept.

next day went to buy the moniter then went out to play pool with my friends from mayflower and my gd fren. was like at first winning then played with bao quan and lost like mad. haha. then went to me fren's house to eat fondue! it's like we dipped bread into melted cheese and ate it. the cheese tasted like it had wine haha. then ate goose and duck liver too and drank white wine. played big two after that and watched the preview of miss singapore and atlantis: the lost empire. damn nice.

then today went courts to check out the renovation sale... then went to eat kfc. after that met up with the same grp i met on sat and went arcade play. then watched howl's moving castle. howl's damn handsome!!!!!!! he's like super dashing. i think the story was very sweet and the couple like ah... will never have like that in reality. then went to buy pens and went home.

then i got scolded by my mum just now like siao. and im very pissed off right now. and who the hell is ziwei?!?!?!?!?!?!

logging off....

hey ya all friday was so fun!! :P went sentosa (havent been there since pri school) and played the day away..in the morning, was supposed to go to cjc to play basketball..oops sorry yimin i couldnt get my butt out of bed.. :P then i thought we were meeting at 9 am..as usual i was late but when i got there i realised i was actually early cuz we were meeting at 930!! never tell me hmph! for those who couldnt go (eg stupid eug haha) here's what u missed!
anyway went to sentosa by bus and when we reached the beach, it was burning hot!! played a bit of games and volleyball then cooled our legs in the water...and alicia, i wasnt the first to get wet!! it was dennis!!! i know dennis sounds like janice haha but it wasnt me!! remember he had to get into the water to rescue ron's soccer ball? yeah haha not me!! :P but next one was me la okok stupid ron la pushed me in the water when i was happily splashing.. haha but it was fun :D ooo and its dangerous to swim in the water cuz of the sharp rocks! few of us got cut by them ouch!! plus the salt in the dirty water, super ouchie!! :o next we played volleyball again and i realised ervin has improved a lot!! wah he can dive for the ball too! after burning in the sun we decided to soak in the cool waters wah shiok haha also played monkey in the water and this game, hunters and bears. yimin made the words 1T19 in the sand so nice!! nigel also made his face wahaha so funny, few pple stepped on it :P shall not name who :D
At about 2.30 we went off to bathe..girls of course took a looonnnggg time :D took a few pictures after tt with a few curious onlookers and then took bus to go habourfront to eat.some ate yoshinoya, sakae, subway or food court..then went off to play pool. wah mel i didnt know u were so good!!! must teach me ok..she and ron kept winning me and shingyee..not fair!! haha ooo also played air hockey with nigel, mel and shuyan haha so fun!! after tt went home sweet home!! :) wah im burnt..pain!! haha must have another class outing soon k

Saturday, March 05, 2005
Alicia :) dancing away at 6:54 PM


Quite Sian now... why no interesting news to say de? hahah someone blog leh... hahaha ok just got an idea... We'll talk about our outing to SENTOSA!

Okok where shall i start.. hmm.. it all started with a holiday on fri and as u know, the N2 (enthu) class of 1t19 would wanna go to another Class Outing! so right now we have enough of indoor stuff so it's like no pool, no bowling again just pure fun under the sun yayy!
though there we ssssssoooooooommmmee latees (ahem ahem) we still manage to reach about like 10 plus? hahah and then it's like Let the Fun Begin! it all started with some volleyball and soccer... the heh heh it's dragging pple into the water time! and yeahyeah i have to say this : all honours goes to Janice Ng Voon Siew who was the first to hit the waters! haha

Then it's like the "wet" pple starts to get other "wet" pple to get other pple wet then in the end all wet wet =P (btw, Leo is REALLY difficult to catch and Ken can REALLY struggle haha).... hehe then we started to play games in the sea like the " polar bear and hunter game" and the version of "monkey" in waters... sadly yours truly had to leave early and leave all of you behind.. haiZ...

ok my time's up time for someone else to continue :)

P.S : Gentle reminder to pple who have not return me 3 bucks for entrance! hahahZ nvm there's still monday=D

p.p.s : Dun =YOU= call me a cheapo k $3 is STiLl money :D
MuaCks love ya all

Friday, March 04, 2005
little swallow dancing away at 7:52 AM

Freaking out ... panic ... *shiver* ... freaking out ...

First of all, thanks to mel for wishing me gd luck for the 'A's! Haha, pardon my rambling ... just need to destress a bit before the results are released. So while you all are enjoying yourself in Sentosa, remember your poor ms lim who's going bonkers just waiting to know the results. Hope that all of them pass and I get some A1s and A2s. :)

So have a great time at Sentosa! Take care of one another and play safely. See you all on Monday!

tmr no sch~! woot! haha but still have to wake up to go all e way to harbour front. haha. can we pls have smth in east next time? haha

well.. e o's r finally out n guess there r ppl who r happy n dissatisfied wid their results. wadeva it is, tink u shld juz accept it n move on. no pt gloating or complaining abt it. to those moving on to other schs, all e best. keep in touch alright? we'll always b e "famous" 1T19. :) to those staying, our appeal to stay together had betta b accepted. haha ms lim too. haha.

abt e recent entries... guess i somewhat expected it to all come out. but neway, now since it's all out n since every1 has had a chance to post smth or other up, let's put it behind us shall we? tho it's not gonna b easy, juz try n put it behind us i guess? get on wid e last wk of term 1 in cjc.

o yes and wad's wid outsiders tagging nonsense on our tagboard? do u honestly tink it's very funny? sheesh.

tink tt's abt it. haha. forgive my stone-ness in sch cuz alot of stuff happening for me rite now. haha. yea. tc everybody n i'll cyall at sentosa tmr. :) gd luck to ms lim for e a lvl results.

Thursday, March 03, 2005
Alicia :) dancing away at 9:07 PM

i'm not here to rebuke anyone... just voicing out my thoughts. Sometimes when u go around or go to a new environment u'll meet all sorts of pple.. these pple , though different from us, still deserves your respect and love. Let's not be judgemental ok? all of us are mere human beings created in God's image.. who are we to judge one another's behaviour?.. leave the rest to God himself...

Matthew 7
Judging Others 1“Do not judge, or you too will be judged. 2For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.
3“Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?

yupZ the end of one problem is better than the beginning of one.. so lets just put it all behind we can we? we should be angry or upset with one another for not more than a day. sometimes we dun understand other pple's actions but that doesn't mean we still can't love them and accept them right? it's difficult yeah.. but at least try...

HaiZ i dun wanna say le ; just hope that we can just settle this and not dig up the past again
God bless ya'll =)

Hey everyone, im at Changi airport terminal 1 now using their free internet service to type this entry, will be leaving on quantas QF72 in about an hour and 20 mins. that is, at 8.50am. arriving at perth international airport at 1350 hours. will be back on quantas flight QF77 on 7th march at 1755hours. alrighty, time's almost up, see everyone on monday!! :D

seriously i cheated nobody's feelings when i told them to stay..
i would have.. obviously i would have loved to stay on..
but God gave me the choice.. and the answer..
and its not here..
because i waas in cj for the first 3 months.. for a reason i just startedto realise..

anywae.. my much needed entry is for my 2 pals..
who think i'm holding a grudge by not replying..
internet is down.. so here it is now..
well i begin.. my 2 pals who just love to suck the attention out of people..
i'm really sad for you.. seriously..
really embarassing for us the way you choose to potray yourselves..
and for God's love.. i shall not coment on the retardness part..
because at the end of the day.. i will choose to love you 2..
but its hard when u embarss our school..
more so.. think about it.. is this the way u guys wanna show yourself to others..
they wont see much in you.. they wont respect you..
all they will see is the insecurity you are in..
the desperate, pathetic state you ppl are trying to get out of..
and yes.. you are acting lower than u actually are.. dumb rite..
so why not quit.. God really loves u all u know..
put u in a class full of open people ready to embrace you for who you are..
not who you want to be..
then again you just have to compete in everything right..
like who is stronger and who has more pictures in the JA..
come on.. kids do that.. insecure people do that..
because they are too immature to get it that no matter what.. you are fine..
by competing.. the 2 of you really have shown all of us that.. u aren't even ready for yourself..
and then talk about loving someone else..
we all came here to have fun together.. to win for God is to hurt no one..
sadly u people cant seem to not let go of the champions in you and give way to others rite..
just have to push and shove and rough it out.. but for what??
ah yes.. one final thing.. i have a phone you know.. you both have my number rite..
what else do u all want? sympathy? pity? emotional support?
or just want to settle it in openly so that everybody can see that u all are doing such good jobs
as nice friends and are even willing to apologise??
u should learn that apologies are between 2.. whether the world knows doesn matter..
as long as who u are sorry to knows.. dont u know that?
public apologies are given when actions hurt the whole community..
those who have no reason but give apologies publicly.. just need to show everybody something..
that they have no fault left.. but hey.. why be guilty in the first place rite..
but dont u both just love it when everybody reads the apologies and sighs at ur nice words..
doesn all that attention just boost you up.. pity..
cos if u really need all that.. then ur really nothing..

lastly.. between the both of you.. someone owes the other an apology..
seriously to the one who owes the apology..
your impression on us really sunk lower than we thought it would go..
those words you said really would have hurt your friend.. if he actually knew..
and to think u were trying to get out blameless by dumping all the shit onto him..
friends dont do that.. for his sake.. tell him ur sorry..

well thats about it.. make your choices wisely..
if you dont know what you are doing.. just bloody listen..
and do a bit of thinking.. seriously what ur doing..
you are just eating yourself up.. and you think its fun..
bloody hurts to watch you this way..
for the other.. to think its what you would do..
shame on you.. seriously.. maybe you should spend more time loving God..
for the latter.. if you cant think for yourself..
show some love and think for the former..

i'm tired of you 2 lar..
so i thought after the apology it would be over.. but today proved that wrong..
love you both anywae..
its really sad too watch people like that..
but hope someday u 2 will know that God loves you more than all this..

you lived.. and you died..
you rose again on high..
you open the way..
for the world to live again..
hallelujah for all you've done..
nigel loves Jesus..

Tuesday, March 01, 2005
little swallow dancing away at 10:05 PM

Hihi! Hmm, it's time for one of those occasional messages from me again. Felt a bit weird that I didn't really get to complete what I said this morning, so I just want to continue from there.

In case you guys didn't realise, I am aware (thru' reading the class blog and thru' personal observations) that there are some behind-the-scenes storms raging in the class during the last few weeks. I know that some people have been unhappy with others and I know too that apologies have been offered, and I hope, graciously accepted.

I purposely changed this morning's session to include a moment for you to affirm one another. Unfortunately, affirming people for their strengths and gifts is not something that is really popular with the world today. Perhaps it's due to our shyness or perhaps it's not part of our culture not to voice out our thanks to others who've helped us or touched our lives. Sadly, more often than not, we tend to notice other people's faults or what they have done wrong and fail to recognise and appreciate the strengths that they have and how they have used these gifts to bless our lives.

Actually, I'm glad in a sense that the class is going through this stage. Haha, don't get me wrong, I'm not a sadistic monster who thrives on the misfortune of my students!! With 25 people having different personalities, backgrounds, likes, dislikes etc 'living' together under 1 roof, conflicts and misunderstandings are bound to occur. Frankly, it's just a matter of time. Especially since some of you have known each other since secondary school, you already have preconceived notions or expectations of each other. Well, conflict is not a bad thing if it is handled well. If the people involved can work things out, put aside your differences and learn to accept one another (strengths, weaknesses and all), trust me, your bonds with one another will be even stronger.

Anyway, 1T19 of the first 3 months 2005 will no longer exist soon ... the fact is that some of you will be leaving or even changing subject combi and new people will join the class. In fact, we may not even be T19 (the class number may change). But I'm sure what will not change is the friendships you've made during this period of time and the good memories that you all have in common. So hug, shake hands, make peace, let go, forgive, go on 1 last class outing etc ... do whatever it takes in your own way to resolve issues. Don't ignore them. To me, in life, one of the most important things is not to have regrets ... so do resolve any misunderstandings and make good use of the time you have left together.

Thanks for listening to my 2 cents' worth of thoughts and do spread the word around to read my message!! :)