T19 Fiesta!
Tuesday, December 26, 2006
eug dancing away at 8:25 PM

t19-ers, for the gathering at my place on the 31st, please meet at toa payoh mrt at 3p.m. can anyone volunteer to bring snacks, drinks, games etc? i already have: mahjong, cards, a foosball table, and tv, pc etc. sms or tag me yea?

Friday, December 22, 2006
` simone + dancing away at 11:37 PM


Tuesday, December 19, 2006
eug dancing away at 2:05 PM

hey t19-ers. just to let you all know, i'm opening my place for a gathering/stayover on the 31st december 2005 to the 1st january 2006, since my folks will be out. will keep you all posted with details, just need to know who's coming first, so let me know via msn or tagboard or sms 'kay? yep thanks (:

Monday, December 04, 2006
mel dancing away at 9:57 PM

hi t19.

last min post just to let everyone know.

tomorrow, meet at tanah merah mrt station at 3pm and the shuttle will be there at 3.30pm so don't be late. the next shuttle is at 5pm and anytime between that you'll have to cab in. if you're meeting at 3pm, contact Simone to let her know, especially if you're gonna be late. if you're planning to head down to the chalet at any other time, please refer to the shuttle bus schedule in the previous post or you can take bus 250 (ie. taxi) in. tell the taxi driver you wanna go to the safra resort near the tanah merah ferry terminal and head toward the bungalows. we will be in bungalow no. 13.

remember to bring money to pay me for those who haven't and i'd like to request that everyone bring another $5-$10 extra cuz i'm not sure if it'll be enough. don't forget about cab fares too!

i think that's all. if anything, contact me or ron.

cyall tomorrow!

Sunday, December 03, 2006
mel dancing away at 8:42 PM

hi everybody, sorry this is so late. here's the details for the chalet.

chalet is this tuesday (5/10) to thursday (7/10) at NSRCC bungalow number 13 with a barbecue held on tuesday evening/night.

as naggy as i know i'm sounding but for those who are going and haven't paid up PLEASE PAY UP WHEN YOU COME ON TUESDAY!

people who have paid:
Dennis (still owe $5)
Yong Wen
Wu Yuan

people who said are coming but haven't paid:
Peh Kong

people i'm not too sure about:

people who aren't coming:
aaron yeo
michelle chow

ok, those with bbq stuff at home like tongs, skewers, wire mesh and so on, please let ron know and bring it for the barbecue on tuesday so that we don't have to spend money on stuff like that.

other than that... please meet at tanah merah interchange at 3pm on tuesday. from there, go to the taxi stand at exit A to take the shuttle bus. the schedule for the shuttle bus is as follows:

From Tanah Merah MRT Station From NSRCC
10.00am 10.15am
10.30am 11.25am
11.00am 1.15pm
1.30pm 3.15pm
2.30pm 3.45pm
3.30pm 4.30pm
5.00pm 5.15pm
6.00pm 7.15pm
7.30pm 8.45pm
8.30pm 9.45pm


for more details on transport refer to here.

the place is off the ecp, near tanah merah ferry terminal and tanah merah country club so if you do happen to miss the shuttle bus or anything, you may have to cab in or out.

so bring several packs of cards, board games, vcds and anything else you can think of so as to keep yourselves entertained. the website says that one mahjong set will be provided as well as starhub cable, karaoke vcd player so that should be enough i hope.

for those planning to stay overnight, please remember to bring towel if you intend to take a bath there. soap and shampoo should be provided.

check out time is 9-10am on thursday by the way.

if there's any queries, please contact ron or me.

you can check the NSRCC website for any additional details.

oh and those who took the maxi cabs the other day, it was $75 in total so eunice, me and simone pay $6.80 and everyone else pay $6 to alicia. thanks.

see you all on tuesday!