T19 Fiesta!
Wednesday, November 29, 2006
mel dancing away at 8:44 PM

hi once again,

here it is: CONFIRMED.

meet at bukit batok at 12.30pm
make up person will be going to alicia's about 1pm
$50 each for make up and hair, $10 extra if you wanna straighten or curl but let alicia know beforehand
maxi cab (7 seater) will come at 5.30pm
$50 in total for the maxi cab
down to aaron's to dump our stuff
off to the hotel

meet at toa payoh at 5pm
down to aaron's to change and dump stuff
maxi cab (7 seater) will come at 6
$40 in total for maxi cab
if more than 7 people, rest will have to take another cab there
off to the hotel

just bring cash for cabs to and from hotel especially.
oh and CHALET MONEY. heh.

so i'll see everyone all dressed up tomorrow. :)

Tuesday, November 28, 2006
mel dancing away at 12:52 PM

hello hello,

ok i'm sorry this is so late. here's the somewhat confirmed plans for prom preparation tomorrow.

those going to alicia's place, please meet at bukit batok mrt at 12.30pm then we'll head down to her house to change. the make up person's coming at 1 so then we can get our hair and make up done. don't forget to bring $50 each to pay the make up person. from there, we're thinking of getting a maxi cab to bring all of us down to aaron's place so that we can leave our barang barang for the sleepover there then we'll head down to the hotel. the maxi cab is gonna cost $50 in total so we'll share that cost ok?

if you're gonna stay over at aaron's, meet at 5pm at toa payoh mrt to take a bus down to his place. once you're there, you can get changed and do your hair and leave all your stuff for the sleepover there. then when the girls have reached, we'll probably try and get another maxi cab for the guys to climb into cuz each maxi cab can only fit 7 people. so just split the $50 maxi cab fare betweeen you all la.

whatever it is, everyone just bring alot of money for cabbing here there and everywhere la.

as for plans after the prom, i have no clue. ahaha. yes.

oh and aaron says if yall want you can bring board games, cards etc. he has an xbox so if you have xbox games you can bring to play also.

oh oh! and mel the loanshark wants to remind everyone to bring CHALET MONEY on thursday. please please please remember to pay me!! haha.

anyway, this is just the rough plan. any changes will be blogged by tomorrow so please check back. thank you.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006
mel dancing away at 11:43 PM

hello t19! :)

alright, now that our brains are nice and empty and we're feeling happy happy happy,
(well, except the S paper people - you poor, poor souls. heh.)
time to update everyone about the post A level plans.

first up, prom!

girls - if you're up for getting hair and make up done by someone other than yourself, please let Alicia know. so far she's found 2 people with 3 alternatives:
joanna can do hair styling and make up. so for hair and make up it'll be $50 while if you only want make up it'll be $40.
kelly can cut and style hair as well as light make up. however, if you do want make up, you'll have to bring your own for her to put for you. that'll be $25.
so girls, (and guys if you're interested??) please send Alicia an sms and let her know your preference.

Aaron has offered us his place to go to after prom so we can go there and have another sleepover with mahjong, cards... whatever la yea? haha. please let Mel know if you're up for the sleepover so that we roughly know how many people are going, ok?

also, i'm not exactly sure about the post prom party details but those who are interested in that please let Aaron know so that he can get you tickets. if i don't remember wrongly, tickets are going at $18.

next, class chalet!

just to remind yall cuz i KNOW many have forgotten, our class chalet's at NSRCC (aka Changi Safra) from 5th - 7th December (tuesday to thursday). there's gonna be a barbeque on the evening of the 5th (tuesday) so even if you can't make it for the whole 3 day chalet, please please try to come for the barbeque alright? let Mel know whether you're coming and whether you're gonna be staying.

Ron's gonna be in charge of the food for barbeque so anyone with skewers, butter brushes and all things barbeque related please contact ron to let him know. we also need volunteers to get food and marinate and all so please be nice and try to help out otherwise you ain't gonna get much to eat! hahaha

for now, i just need to remind everyone about the MONEY. hahahaha.
if you're gonna stay over, it's $30 while if you're just gonna come for the barbeque it's $15. however, please bring more money on that day cuz i'm not sure if that'll be enough to cover the rental of the bungalow and the food and drinks. so that's just the rough amount first. i'm upping the price cuz i'm a lil worried it won't be enough. if there's any extra cash we'll just get more drinks or something la.
so far, only 5 people have paid up and they are:
- Ron
- Seelin
- Dennis
- Merrill
- Eunice
in that exact chronological order. now these people need to pay an extra $5 ok? haha. sorry. so yes, PLEASE PLEASE pay Mel the next time you see her!!! (that would probably be prom i guess?) remember,it's $30++ and $15++ for staying over and barbeque respectively.

other than that, the rest of the details like where and what time to meet etc will be put up at a later date.

ok, i think that's about it. please pass the message around to those who don't really come online (eg. the hostelites). much thanks and i'll cyall dudes and gals soon! :)