T19 Fiesta!
Saturday, May 28, 2005
Alicia :) dancing away at 11:10 PM

i just love the new blog skin dun u agree? it's so cool la.. it looks as though the blog is the only way the ex t19tians can communicate frequently... U guys dun forget to blog ok?
Life's been.... quite tiring and stressful lately i'm sure all the t19tians presently would agree :)
The only good news is GP MID YRS ARE OVER!
a load of my shoulders hehe. just urging all of u to press on and JIA YOU! dun forget to study yeah? aim to get the best class award! whoo!

wah like the blog now so cool and mysterious.. haha yeah its been so quiet here..think pple r busy studying..well holidays now yay!! lets go out haha hmm yimin i've gone crazy over jay chou haha his lyrics are soo sweet la!! all thanks to mel for introducing me to his songs..and some others..woot gonna listen some more haha

Thursday, May 26, 2005
yimin dancing away at 9:18 AM

bleah... been up since 7... couldn't sleep. realised that the blog was like stagnant. so im here to talk! haha. tired sia... must study and all. i noe the canoeing people must be damn tired. and wayne still went out to study today. going to sngs to collect my o level cert then study. sigh. study and study. keep hearing that word. should i study in amk lib or sngs?

PSS: Developing Skills For Coping With Anger

The Coping Model

C - Calm down
O - Overcoming the negative; opt for control
P - Prepare, problem solve, plan
I - Identify and imagine alternatives
N - Name your feelings, negotiate
G - Go, get on with the plan

Saturday, May 21, 2005
=[eT]= dancing away at 9:44 PM

hey ppl... the blog like die liaoz. no one post nething. hahahaz. anyway. i shall sae something then. mmm. anyone got nice songs that are in CDs that i can borrow? hee. in other words. anyone mind sharing songs with me?