T19 Fiesta!
Saturday, May 17, 2008
tentoumushi dancing away at 3:41 PM

Dear T19,
I know you miss me alot. I suggest we meet up so you can see me. May I know when you are free? Or where would you like to meet up?
ok, since you all have no suggestions, I will suggest! ii ne!

date: 31st May 2008 (the year is important)
time: 6pm dinner
venue: vivocity
purpose: to celebrate birthdays all the way from don till ervin, with just one pandan cake and 20 candles to save $$$ (seelin's idea) btw, is class fund providing?

ok, just joking. before you all kill me, please give me suggestions on date and venue ok?

I LOVE ARASHI!!! p.s. don't worry about the english, they really don't know what they are singing...