T19 Fiesta!
Sunday, July 17, 2005
=[eT]= dancing away at 8:40 PM

heyy. so are we having a bunk at sentosa at the end of the year or somethingg??? mmmm?? then we can play touch rugby... and touch one another ( sounds sick) hahaa...

Tuesday, July 05, 2005
yimin dancing away at 11:46 PM

i suddenly thought of this.

To love truly, is to love forever - even though the love be unrequited. When life and love have torn apart your heart, where do the shattered pieces fly? How do you get them back or who can get them back for you? If trulythe pieces are gathered back again, then how does one go about re-learning to love and live once more? Love always changes over time. And so does the pain love so often brings us, pain that is heartwrenching and full of sorrow. However, love doesn't always die in violent explosions of sound and color. Sometimes, its death is a quiet one. Love like the inner of our minds, is complicated and tangled up. However a glimpse is all it can take to awaken from this awful nightmare of painfilled love and suffering.

Let me see that glimpse, let me use it as a light to shine my path out to reality where I will be free of those sorrows and pain that pierce through my heart. Let this glimpse be the stone that covers my heart, never to feel again, for love is a painful feeling. And let my emotions be hidden behind the familiar mask I have woven around my face thus far, and keep it safe from discovery.

For I hate to love. That is the only hate I have. I feel only indifference towards any other.

well. that's all i have to say. for now. visit my blog if you wanna read some more.