T19 Fiesta!
Tuesday, March 27, 2007
eug dancing away at 7:45 PM

hello everyone, how're you all doing? i noticed the last entry for this blog was on the 1st of march, which makes this blog already 26 days stagnant... hahaha. it just crossed my mind that 2nd march was the last time we'd officially meet as a class. so AHEM AHEM, can some people organise an outing or two now and then please? heheheh well we've had one so far, to botak jones, wouldn't mind going for another one soon, hint hint :D

Thursday, March 01, 2007
Ron van Loh dancing away at 9:05 PM

Wishing everyone all the best of luck and whatever good prosperity in obtaining the results that you guys aim for!

Happy Friday the 2nd!

Hello those people who are still interested in coming to my humble abode and play with feathered balls. ok shuttlecorks

Here's the deal.

- u are free to come to my house from 10 30 onwards
-we are going to play badminton at ard 11 30
-I'll open 2 of my toilets for bathing so bring ur bathing stuff if u wanna be nice-smelling
-bring urself! hope you'll come :) hee

We'll depart from 140A jalan jurong kechil at 1 30pm

love u all see u tml