T19 Fiesta!
Monday, August 22, 2005
yimin dancing away at 4:09 PM

heys people. this may be the last time i talk here ba. afterall, im in 1t29, not in 19. yeps.

well, just wanna say all the best to everyone for promos. may everyone get As and Bs for all their subjects! and a A for mother tongue! (:

all the best and god bless. :D

Thursday, August 18, 2005
` simone + dancing away at 10:29 PM

hi everyone! shall i repeat that?

stay on strong for the tests and the upcoming promos! haha.
anw thank you t19 for the fun and laughter! love ya peeps! =)

Wednesday, August 03, 2005
shing +++== + dancing away at 12:10 AM

HaPPi nAtIonal dAe!!! Woah~
...luvs sIngap0re...=]
Next claSS 0utIng c0mIng Up!! Is eVery0ne goIng??? I gUess It'll b fUn If e wh0le claSS is g0Ing..
*trYIng t0 reCall wheN we lAst hAd 0ne*
k I'm reAlly hAppy t0 bE baCk 0n the lIne (onlIne). hAd g0ne mIssIn 4 quIte a whIle th0ugh.....
glAd to bE onCe agaIn vIsIble t0 ppl..
=well, thIs's ouT o poInt=
AnywAy, h0pe u gUys keeP c00l.. d0nt leT e pRoJects n DEADlIne kIll you!!
yup, keeP thE claSS r0ckIng!!
lets be patrIotIc!!!
we loves SINGAPORE!!!