T19 Fiesta!
Sunday, February 27, 2005
Alicia :) dancing away at 3:13 PM

okok... i think almost all these unpleasantries have more or less passed... so we'll leave all these behind us ok? we'll let these things bother us no more and just proceed to act like 1t19 should... Continue To Be Famous!hahaZ not in the bad way of course.. woo.. 23 hours and a half more to the moment of truth.. just felt intense nerve crawlings and adrenaline... i hope all of u would do well and get what u deserve!
we'll have another class outing soon to comfort/celebrate.. right yimin? hahaZ
16 more hours to school.. hang in there!

i have something to say.

although i haven't been to school for 2 days, it seems like i have missed a lot of things. however, it seems that a few of our classmates have been caught in the crossfire... PLEASE... do not pull other people into stuff like that. at times i have nearly blown up at you all because of this. you don't want to see my blow. im not nice to be messed with. haha just don't bring everyone into this k?

i don't want our class to split up. so we must do our best to stay united. :)

love ya guys!

p.s. leo's birthday is this thurs!

Thursday, February 24, 2005
shing +++== + dancing away at 11:35 PM

to partner: U know that stupid incident... I know it is funny and everything but please try to "shhhhh"!!
It is kind obvoius when you guys are talking about it. ( And this goes down to that two you-know-who-you-are guys. ) Please 'control' a litle because i have no means to embarrass that person.
But it doesn't harm to laugh abit more right?

Well after reading Eug's entry, I'd thought I should clear my part as well.

Well I know I've been shooting my mouth off lately, and annoying people like nobody's business. You guys might think I treat life as a joke, and everything I do just for pure laughs and stupidity. Sigh. I guess you're right then. We all have to adapt and change to the situation. Since I'm not exactly very likable now, I'll make myself clear that I had no intention of offending anyone, or making everyone against me.

So sorry all. Really. Honestly I hope we can stay together after the first 3 months. Till then, you have my word that I'll be out of everyone's way. :)

to nigel: i know we've had our differences before. believe me, i'm not trying to revive them. so for being a childish prig in class, i'm sorry. as well as for other things i have done to put you off. i really don't know how to keep my mouth shut at times, and not be stupid. so i'm reeeeeeeeaaaallllllyyy sorry. (really.) having said that, i hope we can call it quits at this. but that's up to you now. no hard feelings, man.

cumar and hans: i hope we cleared the air on that already... sorry yeah?

man, i should learn to shut up.

Hey u guys in case u haven't notice, our class hasn't been functioning properly for the past few days... so many have come to me and said that our class is falling apart.. i choose to believe otherwise. Optimisim helps u know? Well, even if it does not really, i know what WOULD NOT boost the class morale : shouting at fellow classmates during a fit of your own anger.
Remember this, don't do first, think then, apologise later. Heard of better safe than sorry? i think all of us should think BEFORE we speak.. all of us. i've read all the entries u dears have chipped in.. all the fun times we had, all the achievements... what's really missing out here is the hardships we've endured. The catch is, what hardships?
Precisely. We haven't tide over any.. and the first wave we already have signs of breakage... are we gonna let this continue? True class spirits HOLDS all the time. be it good, be it bad, be it joy, be it anger. i'm asking all of you to have just a LITTLE more patience and tolerance towards each other. Love one another like bros and sis ( i know it's difficult.. pls try) and REN! whenever u feel like flaring (i'm guilty of flaring also.. sorry.. trying)
i admit i was all cussing and shouting abt the issue of u pple not staying in cj.. what i'm hurt most is that the pple who ask me to stay are not staying... but oh well.. it's their life. I just felt that it was a REAL ...REAL ..REAL waste to let this lovely class spirit go to waste... cuz i may never never never see these kind of thing again.
re-emphasis: pls re-think things u would say less it would cuz serious hurt to the person in the future.. some things once broken can't be mended

ok ok i know some how or another God would answer my prayers of our class spirit staying on.. now, just hope for the best and let God do the rest...

one last cheer for 1t19!

Wednesday, February 23, 2005
eug dancing away at 9:46 PM

eh you all are wrong la. go look at the link again. it says "coming round soon" not "28th feb". anyway i beat ron's high score again!!! wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo so ron, you gotta work HARDER...

Tuesday, February 22, 2005
eug dancing away at 9:02 PM

ron: for the love of God....

just like i tried to tell you on msn, the MOE just told your mother that (let me quote here) "it might be released at the end of the month." now in order to stop acting SP@ZTICzXx, we need to analyse that statement. the words "might be" and "end of the month" only state the obvious, which is already what we were told: end of feb. in simpler terms, it could be thursday, friday or monday. (i'm not flaming you here ((: ) besides, the fact that they used the words "might be" show that they didn't even know when the release dates are, or that they are sworn to secrecy. (highly unlikely; if they were, the truth would be out even before the week started) so, it is clear that they were just BULLSHITTING, flinging specks of bovine scat at the many parents who called, as it was the safest answer they could give. i'd even say it's more likely that MOE made their employees memorise this phrase as a charm or protective spell against over-anxious students and parents.

anyway, take it from me. the way this show is run, the MOE will first inform the principals of the many secondary schools in singapore, before making a press release. (i have a primary source, so don't question me.) all this happens ONE DAY before the results are out. so ron, how come your mum and all the others (of whom i'm sure have called the MOE) get to know about it before all the other principals know? again i say, they were answering your rhetoric question. so no more talk about this, we probably know already. if it's not out on friday, boohoo. lets skip school ANYWAY. ron, just treat that few cents you wasted on that rhetoric question as a hearty donation to that wannabe-dictator who never seems to die even though he's bloody old.

so enough of this shiznit. lets just slack through the week, aye?

sorry. i'm having a bad day.

Few more days to the you-know-what day...
I have been thinking especially alot these days.
Thinking about the should-i-stay qn and all...
And i realised that T19 really plays a big part in my decision..
REally, this is the most united and super damn class i've ever been to...
Looking back from the time we met each other till now, looking at all the things we had been through, dragon boating cross country class outing and all and even blogging, I really do feel attached to the class...
Please people, please stay..(no pressure)
Please do not make leaving cj a choice for me...
A bonded class is not easy to find...
there is only one and only 1T19!!

Here is when opp. cost comes in...*hahaz*
If we stay on, everyone of us, chances of being together will be high. everyone will be back to the 'good old days' and next year cross champion will be ours!!no one's leaving, no one's hurt.. forgoing the next-best-school may be worth it!!
But again if we leave, we forgone T19, we may not be guaranteed to get into a better school with better class, which ever your definition of better may be...

Ultimately, i think it is up to us to decide..
To me, i think we should not let our parents decide where we go..
It's your life..
But i am not trying to ask everyone to go against your parents like, you know..
My band conductor said, that day after the concert, that the band is sounding really nice with the j1s and hope all of us stay...=]
happy, of course...but somehow or another, i don't know, feel even more........
Well no matter what, let nature take its course..
Once in T19, forever in 19..
All the best ppl...

Monday, February 21, 2005
Ron van Loh dancing away at 8:36 PM

Hey all,

nice entry Clarence. =)

Newsflash : To disappoint you all, the results WILL NOT be released this week. My mom made an enquiry to MOE and apparently it will be released at the end of the month [which pinpoints to MONDAY]. Alright so tough and long week ahead. Brace up guys and girls.

"United we stand, divided we fall. Ceretis Paribus"

Sunday, February 20, 2005
CS dancing away at 11:00 PM

I must say recent events have proven to be interesting...talk about drama series. But I am glad it's a happy ending, even though most (some? a few? well, at least I) don't know what's going on.
Anyway, we all realize that Judgment Day is around the corner. Some of us may be getting impatient. Some of us may dread its coming. Some of us may still try to be indifferent. (that would be me)
Yet, just to let everyone know, no matter what happens, there will be people around to share your joy or your sorrow. They could be your family, your friends, your pets (okay, I count them as people here, so sue me), that kid next door whom you don't know very well, or that creepy-looking fellow stalking people everyday (you know what? Scratch that last one)
The thing is 'nobody is alone'. You have any problems, talk with whoever you are comfortable with. Don't go bottling up those feelings inside and suffering miserably all by yourself.
As for the rest who are still coping well, job well done, I would say. Ok, I might have been repeating myself all these while, but my advice is...
Somehow, they just do. Because even if they don't, I will make sure they do. Or at least try to.
(Man, that was dang sappy AND long-winded. I think I just made a lot of dollars, coz I don't make any sense. Get it? Ok, stop rolling your eyeballs. Hopefully, no one is colour-blindand I have not just portrayed myself as "a fool, an idiot", as our beloved Mr. Fahy would say. Indeed, what a lot of bovine scatology...)

To Alicia:

I'm sorry too. Well I know I've been overboard with you know what. So forgive me as well? =)

[I forgive you...]

To Ron-L : I'm REALLY really really really sorry about being to mean to u the other times... I know it's really unfair to u.. Please forgive me!But sometimes is super uncomfortable when it's like that (u know what i mean right) i truly appreciate u as a person, so it's really wrong of me to treat u like that. SORRY! forgive me?

Saturday, February 19, 2005
Wayne dancing away at 11:45 PM

to all JC1s this year, you might want to check this out.

"Hope dies and you wander
The other world it makes you
Dreams they rip asunder
The other world it hates you
Free now ride up on it
Up to the heights it takes you
Go on if you want it
Another world awaits you. "
-- From Final Fantasy X

sorry. a bit like not feeling well, and im like quite moody.

in view of a certain IRISH teacher in cjc, i hereby dedicate this entry to him. forget all the dumb mat jokes, ancient chinese sayings and pick up lines... this one's for mr "bovine scatology".

An Irishman is walking along the beach one day, and he sees a bottle laying in the sand. He picks it up and starts to brush it off, and out pops a genie. The genie says, "Since you have freed me from the bottle, I will grant you three wishes."The Irishman thinks for a moment and says, "I'm feeling a might thirsty, I think I'll be wishing for a pint of stout."POOF! There is a pint of stout in his hand. He drinks it down, and starts to throw the bottle, when the genie says, "I'd look at that bottle again before I threw it if I were you." So he looks at the bottle, and it is magically filling back up with stout. The genie told him, "That is a magic bottle, and it will always fill back up after you finish it." The genie then asked, "What other two wishes can I grant for you?"The Irishman looks at the bottle in his hand and says, "I'll be taking two more of these!"

Brenda O'Malley is home making dinner, as usual, when Tim Finnegan arrives at her door. "Brenda, may I come in?" he asks. "I've somethin' to tell ya."
"Of course you can come in, you're always welcome, Tim. But where's my husband?""That's what I'm here to be tellin' ya, Brenda. There was an accident down at the Guiness brewery." "Oh, God no!" cries Brenda. "Please don't tell me...""I must, Brenda. Your husband Shamus is dead and gone. I'm sorry."Finally, she looked up at Tim. "How did it happen, Tim?""It was terrible, Brenda. He fell into a vat of Guiness Stout and drowned.""Oh dear Jesus! But you must tell me true, Tim. Did he at least go quickly?""Well, no Brenda, no.""No?""Fact is, he got out three times to pee."

"Paddy," asked the barmaid, "what are those two bulges in the front of your trousers?" "Ah," said Paddy. "They're hand grenades. Next time that queer O'Flaherty comes feeling my balls, I'll blow his bloody fingers off!"

Wednesday, February 16, 2005
mel dancing away at 11:00 PM

alright... i know i'm darn lagging cuz this blog has been up and running for ages but i've only juz arrived. haha. e darn ting was biased against me cuz it kept giving me this error thing. o wells...

anyway... a month and a half has past and i have to admit tt i've nv felt this bonded to a class b4. T19 has reali made me feel at home in CJC and i'm gonna protest lyk crazy if they dare to split us up! haha. reali... u guys are my reason for staying. i seriously hope we get e same class wid e same ppl n teachers n all. pls pls pls dun split e non econs ppl frm e rest of e class~

hmmm... i'm lagging so i'm gonna talk abt real back-dated stuff. haha. firstly, cross country! haha. tink our class reali did well. n even tho we didn't get our initial target of first, second juz goes to prove tt we can improve more. haha. so first is ours next year yes? next, cny. those who have pics pls send me! haha. then... v-day. haha thx to all those who gave presents! reali sweet of yall. :) volleyball... hahaha e girls game was totally won by default. haha. congrats to e guys who played fantastically. e T19 spirit has shone thru again. :) o yes... i'm sure every1 noes by now tt i m volunteering to b a cheerleader at e inter-class games! hahaha. so yes. wld reali appreciate it if yall grant me tt. hahah~

o another ting, wad's wid e being facilitators for e upcoming orientation? heard abt it frm nigel today n yea. guess i'll raise up my opinions tmr but i can juz say now tt i dun wanna b a facil. b a participant la~ e orientaion is for us to enjoy after all.

k, time to go.. juz wanna wish every1 e best for e upcoming results which i'm seriously dreading. in e meantime tc and enjoy e week or so we still have as a class. god bless every1.

P.S: gd entry alicia. ;)

I'm not going to fight against the inevitable or the inconceiveable.

I'm don't really care whether you guys want to say in CJC or not, but I DO CARE if you stay or not. =P I know I'm selfish but that's the least I really would appreciate from you guys if you guys stayed on. Please.

To YOU : I know this may be awkward, but I want to make it clear that I do not mean anything of any sort. Perhaps I did in the past, perhaps I did not make it clear. But as of now, let nature take its due course. Only time will tell.

I know I may not sound like myself, but I'm not feeling myself the past few days so perhaps this may be the only opportunity to clear up some misunderstandings and errata in my mindset. To everyone else : take care and let Him decide whether our paths will cross once again.

Hi.. This iS my seconD timE blogginG.. hAHa... HMmmm... Well Done 19.. We won thE volleYball gamE yesTerday... i thinK the guyS playEd well.. theY manageD to spike anD hiT lotS of timEs... As foR the girlS.. nothinG can describe HOW we plaYed.. We eithER scOre onE pt wheN thE opponENt can'T servE or they can'T hiT ouR ball.. HAha... WE neveR even spikE lar... hAHa...
I knoW thAT frOM today onwRds till neXt week.. We won'T havE mood to studY lar.. causE resultS aRE cominG out sooN.. WAd is donE is doNE...i jusT hopE that all oF us will sTay togetheR throughouT thE 2 yeARs in CJC.. i heaRd that somE of them ARe leavinG.. if u'rE leaVing pleASe thinK twicE... I hopE We can BE facil foR the orientation 2.. haHA...
T19 rocks man... I lurvEE u peoplE sOoo muCH lar.. heHE...

hey u pple.. thinking about lots lately, can't believe that 1 plus month ago we are still strangers lah...come to think of it a few more days we'll be going to different locations to collect the o levels results.
Be it good or bad know that u have given it your best shot and if u didn't do well, never mind lah there's always a-levels to try again :)
thinking back about all the hype we had, first it was the dragon boat, then the tests seasons, the class outings and most recently is the mother-of -all-excitement: V day! Can understand it, isn't it supposed to just be friendship day? hahaZ cuz the only common i see between "Valentine" and "date" ( not the one in the calendar arh) is A,T and E which spells "ate" :P
Thanks all of u for sharing your lives :D i can't stand it when i hear someone actually wants to leave cj lah! if all of u are not staying, i can't find a reason to stay also lah ~...
for now,
but now, smileZ, kinda-thing.. tai-chi a bit, life would be fine if u got the dragon sabre and heavenly sword. Then hopefully, u'll live long in the land w/o fierce irish men who loves to make u stand
Thanks 1t19 and i love ya'll :D

Tuesday, February 15, 2005
bits'n'crumbs dancing away at 9:59 PM

hey people! haha.. cool game today..
although we touched the ball quite little..
still had a few good spikes..
haha.. well i heard mr ho say that our standard is one of the highest he's seen so far..
so like.. haha.. we gotta win..
well even our second team won the other class lar..
anywae.. well done.. to everybody..
also the girls.. saw u all play.. haha..
well u all won.. so i wont comment anymore.. haha..

have a good week everybody..
have faith..
God bless u all in the tests..
He is the way.. the truth.. and the light
have fun too!

hey everyone! great game today :P we rock! anyone looked at the poll? why are there 26 votes? thought we can vote only once? so who's the ghost? :O haha ahh my msn doesnt work...

Monday, February 14, 2005
shing +++== + dancing away at 10:06 PM

The Sounds of |1T19| =)testing...testing...
hope it is working..
happy V day btw and hav fun!!

Sunday, February 13, 2005
endisFOREVER dancing away at 5:19 PM

i've changed my email to whitebrokenriff@hotmail.com and add me on friendster IF you want haha.

Hey t19 people, in case you didn't know, our class has a forum at -----> http://1t19kopitiam.proboards36.com/index.cgi ...
its kinda dead, so... do drop by when you have the time!

Saturday, February 12, 2005
Ron van Loh dancing away at 10:24 PM

Hey all,

thanks for coming my house! It was great to see you all. =)

arghh help me man.. feeling so damn crappy .. dumb sorethroat and fever.. on top of that also muscle ache from training... ... ... sucks. theres chinese "spelling" on monday, wonder how many people will study for it.. duno if im gonna study also.. been so long since i touched chinese !!

oh, v days coming. those who wana donate blood don't forget to bring your consent forms and ic, lest you get rejected..

Friday, February 11, 2005
Ron van Loh dancing away at 9:59 PM

Oh wow. What a day. 7 strikes in a row. 8 spares, also in a row. Good score of 164, but still lost to Eug who got 188. %&$&^#!@

Haha alright. Happy Chinese New Year people while it still lasts. God Bless

Wednesday, February 09, 2005
CS dancing away at 10:40 PM

What, nobody posted happy CNY here yet? Then I shall be the 1st to post a happy CNY to all in/on/at (which one is it, Miss Lim?) this blog.

So, happy Chinese New Year to all! (Whoa, that phrase is deja vu)

Anyway, drink more herbal tea, it will bring down your heatiness after eating so much goodies.
(Whoa, did I just sound like a mother? *shivers*)

Tuesday, February 08, 2005
little swallow dancing away at 9:41 PM

Hi everyone! I just finished my reunion dinner!! Gosh, I am so full!! :) Anyway, just 2 more hours to CNY ... just wanna wish all of you a happy new year ahead! May you all get good results in the 'O' level exams. Also, may you all grow closer to God and the ones dear to you. Lastly, may you grow in your knowledge of yourselves as unique and dynamic young people and use wisely the many strengths and gifts that you have, to bless others around you. Happy Rooster Year!!!

hello, this is jeremy. sorry i took so long just to submit my first post here. haha anyhow, i am glad u guys came out with blog and such la, well done, your class tons and way better than mine. so pleasee, stay in cj and join CANOEING. but only for the godly-mentality-ones. anyway have a nice holiday!

Monday, February 07, 2005
Ron van Loh dancing away at 11:05 PM

Alright Chinese New Year is almost here. Let's wish EVERYONE a happy Chinese new year. Get lotsa ang-pows, goodies, sweets, fats and what-have-you-not. Tomorrow's the pot-luck, so everyone let's get the goodies ready. =) Man, am I excited or am I excited?

Take care people.

Sunday, February 06, 2005
jan dancing away at 11:00 PM

argh stupid nigel!! haha eug, he bully me!! :( lol im not drunk..really! i'm very guai k...haha wah Ms Lim not bad ah..can blog :p so must see ya blog more often! so who's going to ron's house this saturday? and what finger food do u pple want for tues?

Is that you, Miss Lim? Dont worry, leave the 'sua ku' part to me, for 'Ignorance is bliss...so DON'T RUIN MY HAPPINESS!'

Anyway, yeah...*coughs*...nice weather we have today, huh? Black, stars, moon, yup, nice weather. Ya all go to sleep now, ya?

Oh my gosh!! It WORKED!!! Sorry for sounding so sua ku ... that was the first time i ever blogged, so i'm quite happy. :)

Anyway, I hope everyone's ok and not falling sick. Do take care of yourselves, CNY is coming and it's a good time to pig out and enjoy life. So to all the sick ones out there ... get well soon!

Oh, I don't think I've mentioned this yet ... I'm really very proud of all of you for doing such a good job during cross country. Yes, all the competitive runners, normal runners, first aider and the sick ones who watched over everyone's stuff. I remembered clapping my hands so many times and grinning so much that the other teachers thought I had gone mad!!! Hahaha, I kept going, "yes, that's my class again", "yes, 1T19", etc. :)Thanks everyone who put in effort to run in the morning and to get all those trophies and medals. I've definitely not seen such strong class spirit for a long time.

Ok, going to watch Donald Trump fire people. See you guys tomorrow!

testing 1 2 3 hahaha ... i hope this works!

he was sure right man..

im so dead!!! says: someone not listening

im so dead!!! says: aww!!

im so dead!!! says: im really talking to myself

im so dead!!! says: hi janice! how u doing today?

im so dead!!! says: hi! im fine! went out with someone..

im so dead!!! says: argh i give up lol

serious drinker..

peace out..
God loves u all..

Man, it's 12 am and I am still here. I hope this doesn't get "recorded in heaven". Anyway, get well soon for the sick, and stay healthy for the rest. Chinese New Year is coming and you don't want to forfeit those CNY goodies by being sick, do you?

Saturday, February 05, 2005
eug dancing away at 10:12 PM

eheh we've done our presentation!!! neh nee THIS! hahaha...

~my computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kickboxing.

Alright the sick boy whacked the Econs presentation till just a LITTLE of it is left. Argh, I'm finally sick. Damn. To everyone please take care, cos you don't really wanna spread the flu round during CNY. Sheesh.

God Bless.

yay we're gonna finish our econs presentation!!! haha nani boo boo!! :P oh no feel a bit sick now..not again..sorry pple! will try not to pass the germs again to u... i think ms ho is gonna kill me!! cuz i am really gonna fail her test...ahhh things arent working out nowadays cant stand it..well rock on 1T19 must stay in cjc ok!! :P

Friday, February 04, 2005
eug dancing away at 11:24 PM

YES IT'S THE WEEKEND LADIES AND GERMS!!!! wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

anyway chinese new year is coming. lets hope shingyee's fish win us something. oh yeah. let's start training for next year's x-country? yep. have a fluffy weekend.

Thursday, February 03, 2005
Wayne dancing away at 10:56 PM

http://www.mrbrown.com/blog/2004/07/iraqi_drivers_l.html funny stuff man... LOL... what do they have the photo for in the first place?

Wednesday, February 02, 2005
Ron van Loh dancing away at 10:17 PM

I have never seen such running in my life before.

Seriously, we made it. 1st, 2nd or even unplaced doesn't make a difference to me. I honestly have not seen a class so united, so close and so determined to run. Like Wu Yuan for example. Really. If everyone today had already done their best-est and nothing less, then we should be so proud of ourselves that even our teachers would just beam upon hearing our class name.

Well done guys and girls. May the spirit of 1T19 shine on, illuminating every corner of any possibility of the unconquered. Today was merely a start and a benchmark of our excellence and unity. Beam on guys and girls. Beam on.

P.S - There's always other inter-class events like Track & Field, Basketball, Netball, Volleyball, Soccer and blah. Let the training get started shall we? =P

prayer is really the formula for winning..
at least it is my only formula for winning..
today i did a 23+ for 5. smth kilometers..
a month ago.. i was only doing 27 min.. haha..
anywae i m happy that our class did well..
we will win the next volleyball game ok..
and we will excell in everything..
1t19 sure can win!!

God bless people..
may He hold you in His palm always..

Tuesday, February 01, 2005
Wayne dancing away at 10:00 PM

Hoi! all of you still reading this now quick go sleep!! its 10pm already!! don't forget to drink lots of water before that though.. oh well, GO 1T19 GO!!! you can do it! hope we win some medals tomorrow.... :D

hellos people... haha ms lim u blogged! hehe... damn lars... i kicked leo today and now my toe is totally bruised... i always get injured every tuesday i realised... diao.

well went nigel's house today with mel and janjan... in the end we just played the song for the rockafella thing... and janjan and mel did chem... went to s11 later to meet wayne and eat dinner... then went to buy safety pins for the number tags... haha... i was like limping a bit... hopefully will be better tomolo... so i can run x-country!!!!!

people good luck for x-country and have lots of rest and drink lots of water!!!!! bring a bottle tomolo kaes? haha all the best and let's win the inter-class thingy!!!! :D

Hi peeps, i hate to say this but... ... ...

i think i'm getting realli quite fond of all of you!!!

Surprise!I'm here to blog.Finally all the tests are over.But we are having tests after chinese new year.Haiz.I tot first 3 mths can play play.In the end,we still have to study study study.O gosh!Tmrw is the X country.I know we all have been training hard and i'm sure we'll win some medals back.Right T19?But....... Something bad happen to mi.I got diarrhoea!!!! How am i gonna perform tmrw?? haiz.Luck is not on my side.Anyway i'll still try my best for it.U people too k.Drink more water and sleep early.
I've to go and do the econs project now.Cya people in sch tmrw.Good nitezz.Sweet dreams.

I'm staying that's for sure. Who else is?