T19 Fiesta!
Tuesday, April 12, 2005
yimin dancing away at 9:01 PM

shhh.... it's derek's birthday on thursday. ppl remember!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005
shing +++== + dancing away at 9:15 PM

hey guys, i know some ppl r struggling with econs because the lecturer is going through so quickly (move like lightning), especially those who didnt take econs the first three months. yup. i've read one of my friend's blog and hopefully the 'below'(adapted) can help yer a little..

it's about Marginal Utility...

And for Econs lesson today, Miss Ngin brought 10 bars of that FULL-CREAM, "Milky Bar" chocolate and asked for a volunteer who was very hungry and likes milk. So Jaafer went up, and in 10 minutes, he had eaten all 10 bars! I was also very hungry then, and the more I saw him eat, the hungrier I got, but I think 3 bars of milk chocolate and I would be nauseous already! Miss Ngin was trying to demonstrate the meaning of Marginal benefits/marginal costs (and she did a really good job!). so marginal benefits would be his feeling of satisfaction: it was 9/10 at his first bar but 3/10 at the 10th. Marginal costs = $0, but he probably lost his abs! haha! 170 grams in total, no joke man...

Monday, April 04, 2005
yimin dancing away at 7:56 PM

wah so long no one blog ehs.... haha. ill blog then!
yay... haha. was like walked pass t19 class and they wished her happy birthday! im so happy. yay eugene and ronald, i've bought my bowling ball, red colour... but their shoes no niced design lehs. sobs. got one super-d-duperly plain one.

yay t19 and my own class rock too. the guys in my class are quite nice. i mostly talk to the marists ppl and chen yang haha. yeah. then the gurls are like damn nice lars. all very enthu and supportive. yeps.

guys and gurls... remember... karen nai's bdae on 6th april!!! :D