T19 Fiesta!
Wednesday, October 26, 2005
Ron van Loh dancing away at 9:30 AM

We're in the comp lab now doing some research. We = Clarence and Me, Ronald.

It's a few more hours to the end of school. Woot! =)

And how come Clarence doesnt blog on this blog anymore? Sian.

Daner's asking me to write some more, but I dont think I can be bothered to listen to her. Anyway, the inclusion of this sentence already satisfies her wish. So yeahh, YOU get my point.

Roger out.

Monday, October 24, 2005
shing +++== + dancing away at 5:00 AM

cAllIng lIve fR0m medIac0Rp tV..
mmm, i just found out that the mediacorp is like four times smaller than what it appears on tv!!
really got a shock when i went there yesterday (few hours ago..)(below) this is all it got from this view..
shh..secrert photo

c0me t0 thInk 0f It, It's quIte rEas0naBle..sIngap0rE Is smAll wHat...


k k..need to sleep le...left only 1 hr of sleep time..school tmr again.. nvr do anything

Friday, October 21, 2005
tentoumushi dancing away at 11:02 PM

check this out: students' sketch pad. I don't know if you all are aware of this, but it is a funny web comic. enjoy :D

hi everyone, its 9.18am on a friday morning on the day of the final submission of the WR!

this is dennis, ervin, simone and daner here! we are at the back of the class using a laptop. hehe..

we wanna say. HI!
and we rock!!

WHERE'S BRENDAN??!?! -- free rider no.5

ok back to OP. =)

CJ084 signing off! --

Thursday, October 13, 2005
Alicia :) dancing away at 7:11 PM

HAHA! i have the honour of blogging about our trip to the beach today @ sentosa! Alright!
let's start off by saying that i arrived half an hour late (opps)
Oh man... at first i REALLY dun wanna go into the water!!!! but sigh, guess what happened. i got hit by a massive sandstorm caused by those very gentlemanly t19 guys. While trying to wash off the stupid sand and trying to take revenge, i ended up wet, sweaty and not to mention very very sandy. And then, there was no difference between going into the sea and not... so what the heck.
And did i tell u that stupid sister of mine, Brenda (aka Brendan Lee Botak) threw those lumps of sand so hard!!! It hurts u know?!?! And my dearest tudi Lee KahKen threw so much sand at me that some went into my eyes that my eyes teared. Wow! At the end of the day, i had enough sand in my clothes to build a sand castle man.

haha, it was fun on the whole lah.. so much laughs, so much craziness! heheh Thank God there's sucha holiday for us to enjoy! haha
yupZ and the gals, wah! we have such a great time playing frisbee by ourselves rite? And talking abt.. Ahem u-know-what. mel and eunice, did u both have a nice tan on your tummy now? ahhaha

haha ok! hope we'll have another sentosa outing trip sometime soon again! No matter what stupid Leo said (all the bullyings i got) Sentosa is still the best place to go.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005
shing +++== + dancing away at 4:44 AM

Just where do you stand in europe??
how euro are you???
check this out and take the test...
u guys dont mind just one more test after promos right??
not to worry, u can afford to fail this..
oh do write in here to let us the results!!
Are you an enthusiast, a reformer, a renegotiator or a refusenik? How Euro Are You may well help you decide.The BBC Two programme includes a specially devised interactive test available here at the website.

Saturday, October 01, 2005
Ron van Loh dancing away at 5:13 PM

Quote Seelin that he posted on his MSN nick:

"5 4 3 2 1 play time"

Hang in there guys and girls! =)